About Us

Diastark technologies are providing the Outsource development from many years. We have great passion, excellence and talented team of professional experts website designers and developers, which provides the world class services in all types of fields. Our team are totally focused on delivering the quality solutions which helps you to increase the business and always try to achieve our IT goals. We provide the services in all sectors – Web development, Website designing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and much more.


When we talk about philosophy, we believe to work with systematic approach using the latest methodologies and technologies. Diastark provides the unique services according to client and customer requirements and deliver their work in a timely manner. As well as our team, also have a good access of pools software developers which provides the worldwide services and fulfills the customer demands to develop a website design, development and promotion work.


Our main mission is to increase out the business and promote it in a good manner. We believes to enhance out the business growth of our customers with using innovative and creative Web Design and Development services, which deliver the best defining a high quality software and  web based solutions that maintain the client and customer relationship in a reliable manner.

We fulfill their missions and all your requirements. Overall goal and priorities as:

    • We believe to provide the services in a unique manner.
    • We maintain the long-term client and customer relationship and establish a good bonding between them
  • We maintain a complete company culture, which is based on work performance, teamwork success, challenging attitude and diverse team nature to develop the products in a very short duration of time.
  • We provide the work with integrity and efficient manner


Our main vision is to be a Top Software development Company as well as Digital Marketing Company in Tehran, Italy, Japan, China, and even India also. We always deliver the complex work in the simplest manner with using highest level of  professionalism, integrity and proves it our technological capabilities in all manner.


With the assistance of using unique and creative web design approach, so we are well known as the best Web Designer which is completely design the website which satisfied the client and user can easily attract on the website. The result is that, you will increase the business. We are the award winning designers, which designs the website with fully functional and follows the important factors usability, functionality, and visibility.


When we talk about Development at Diastark, which is leading one of the best web development company, which has extensive experience in developing the websites with broad involvement in building and developing up the sites with high uprightness, integrity, inbuilt features, high performance mobile apps develop for attracting the users easily and in addition a site utilizing the most recent innovations. With the assistance of utilizing our methods, we meet out the business necessities and request of our customer and clients.